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tagline.pngOur values, vision and mission

hans aa is a family owned business with 70 years of heritage, strong partnerships and close customer relations. We strive at being a trustworthy, honest and reliable partner in everything we do. Our customers deserve nothing less.



Our values

At hans aa we are proud of our company and our long heritage. Our core values are Credible, Supply Safe and Flexible.  

Our Mission: hans aa is the manufacturer and supplier of innovative and special designed quality tarps.

Our Vision: hans aa wants to be best in class and to be the preferred supplier of tarps for the industry.



ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified. We are both ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified at our factory in China and Poland.

Achilles JQS Qualified: We are qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark. Visit website.

Kræftens bekæmpelse: We support the fight against cancer through Erhvervspartner mod kræft. Visit website.