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Tarpaulins for Ground Handling Services

At hans aa we have been working with tarps for different Ground Handling Services operators for years. We create anything from custom sized luggage-cart tarps, curtains for high-loaders and water-resistant covers.

Tarps for wind turbine nacelles

Tarps for luggage carts

Looking for a more durable alternative to tarpaulins for luggage carts than you current provider? We've created serval tarpaulins for different ground handling service operators, and our experience are that we can deliver a product in a better quality, that gives a longer lifetime for the tarpaulins and a decrease in costs due to a decrease in the purchase frequency.

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Tarps in all shapes and sizes

We at hans aa can help your company to have a higher quality on your tarpaulins, and often we offer better delivery terms than our competitor. With 99,8% of our products delivered on time, we are not afraid to vouch for our product and services.

We have over 70 years of experience in the tarpaulin industry, and with production facilities in Denmark, Poland and China we are proud to define ourself as a world of tarpaulins. We look forward to working with you!

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