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Tarpaulins for the offshore industry

Making tarp solutions for offshore is natural to us. We have worked with products for the offshore industry since it began in our hometown, Esbjerg – in the 1980's. Among other things, we produce covers for rescue materials, tool bags and shielding for control boards. Everything primarily made from tarpaulin.

Fire-resistant tarps

Safety is the primary concern when working offshore, and even though you are surrounded by water, a fire can quickly be devastating on an offshore platform. As a result, a wide number of our offshore tarpaulin products can be produced in fire-resistant materials. This is a big advantage for our offshore customers, since these tarpaulin materials have both water-repellent as well as fire-resistant features. The quality of the fire-resistant tarps from hans aa thus matches exactly the requirements for offshore products.

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Tarpaulin hoods and covers

Like many other industries, the offshore industry uses tarp hoods to cover or shield equipment which is sensitive towards water and wind. In order to obtain the optimum effect from the cover/shielding, these water-repellent hoods are often made from tarpaulin. At hans aa we produce tarp hoods for the offshore industry, made-to-measure in order to have it completely matching the item to be covered.

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Tarpaulin scaffold seabags

Various scaffold seabags are used in the offshore industry. These bags are often made of tarp by hans aa. Seabags made from tarpaulin are synonymous with both high wear-resistant and water-repellent qualities. Scaffold seabags are used for transport or movement of equipment such as couplings and can be carried on one’s back. This relieves the pressure on the person and thus increases the safety.

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Tool bags made from tarpaulin

In connection with offshore work, it is a big advantage if the tool bags - or bucket bags - used for moving around things, are made of tarpaulin. The unique qualities of tarp makes the bucket bag both water-resistant and water-repellent. Therefore, hans aa produce bucket bag in tarp for the offshore industry.

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Innovative product development

hans aa can help your company with tarp solution development - whether you are a small contractor starting your first development project, an innovative small or medium-sized firm seeking advice, or a large company with an idea for a new product. 

Our qualified and experienced experts can advise you on how to best use the qualities of the tarpaulin to match your specific needs. And with over 65 years experience, own production facilities in Denmark, Poland and China, and a proven track record – hans aa is the perfect partner to help with your next tarp development project. We look forward to working with you!

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