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Hans Aa production China

Serial production from our several Chinese factories

Our Chinese factories ensure a consistent flow of tarps

Dianna Pan Factory Manager Hans Aa China

Here at our Chinese facilities, we have incredibly high capacity and can easily upscale our production to match the demand in the market.
We are located at several locations to spread and ensure a consistent production flow.

It is crucial for us to deliver as promised, we want to be the preferred supplier of covers, no matter where our customers want them delivered.

We are proud to deliver high-quality protective covers each week.

Looking forward to deliver your covers!

Dianna Pan, General Manager
Hans Aa China

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Meet our Hans Aa team


Diana Hans Aa China
Dianna Pan
General Manager
Country: China
Employee from Hans Aa
Levi Liu
Sourcing & Technology Manager
Country: China


Worker from China standing next to tarp solutions

We are proud of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.