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Black and white photo of to employees at Hans Aa

The history of Hans Aa since 1949

We are Hans Aa

We were founded at the port of Esbjerg in Denmark more than 70 years ago.
We believe that our know-how and technology is a part of the solution that
supports our vision:


Protecting the Future of Energy

Hans Aas timeline

1949: The beginning

Hans Aa was founded in 1949 in the coastal town of Esbjerg, Denmark by Hans Aa.

For many years, Hans Aa was a traditional sailmaker, producing customized sewing products made of everything from leather, cloth, and eventually – tarpaulin.

The markets changed over time. Hans Aa’s business has always been forward-thinking, adding new industries and opportunities.

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2004: Establishment of Hans Aa Polska

The first supply of protective cover solutions for the wind turbine industry was very modest.
However that quickly changed as the market raised, and in 2004 Hans Aa opened their polish factory in Pila to ensure a consistent and cheaper flow of protective cover solutions.

Today the factory employs over 175 employees, the main part of our colleagues are in the production working two-shift, but we also have administrative roles working with the order management, quality assurance, and optimization.

We are very proud to say, that the factory is ISO certified.

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2010: Establishment of Ningbo Hans Aa

As the wind turbine industry grows, so does the demand for protective cover solutions.
In 2010 the demand in Asia was so extensive, that we established Ningbo Hans Aa Tarpaulin Manufacturing.
Today we have two locations in Ningbo, where we each week supply many customers. The two locations set-up gives us high flexibility, always ensuring that we can deliver as promised.

Ningbo Hans Aa employs 100 employees.

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2016: Fusion with VASE

The story started with a forward-thinking mindset, and so it continues.

The Fusion between VASE and Hans Aa, two competitive businesses, started a united business with product developers with extensive knowledge in tarpaulin. We also expanded with an in-house engineering department supporting the product developers to supply our customers with custom-made protective cover solutions.

Solutions that strengthen our customer’s value chain contribute to their business – and ultimately, the future of energy.

A Hans Aa tarp solution for Siemens Gamesa

Benefits of partnering with Hans Aa:

Trusted partner Hans Aa Icon

Trusted partner

We are more than your supplier. We are our customers’ trustworthy partner who can always be trusted. We are honest, and we always deliver on time, every time. No exceptions.

Supply safe Hans Aa Icon

Supply safe

Keeping deadlines, extensive quality control, and communicating front up if a situation occurs is the key to a great partnership.
Of course, we do it all.

Forward thinking and flexible Hans Aa Icon

Forward thinking & flexible

Everything is in constant change and development. So are we.
We are flexible and aim for the best solutions with our partners.
We are pioneers in the development of future solutions.