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Airport load with covered in a Hans Aa tarp solution

Tarps for Ground Handling Services

Tarps for different Ground Handling Services operators

For several Ground Handling Service operators, we create quality tarps for luggage trailers, lifts, and other special equipment.

We design and produce these tarps to withstand the harsh and busy handling at airports around the world. All tarps are custom per request, always making sure to create a solution that fits the exact purpose, that way, we can ensure a long-lasting quality tarpaulin cover solution.

All our tarp solutions, despite the industry, are developed by our in-house engineers, created by our tarpaulin craftsmen at our production facilities in Denmark, Poland, and China.

Tarps for luggage trailers

We’ve created tarpaulins for several different ground handling service operators over the years. Our experience in this industry gives you a better product, which offers a longer lifetime for the tarps and a decrease in costs due to a decrease in the purchase frequency. We produce tarps in various shapes and sizes, among others, for luggage trailers.

Special engineering

Our in-house engineering department is talented in creative thinking.
That, combined with our talented product developers’ and streamlined production facilities across the world, guarantees a protection solution that fulfills all needs, and of course, is delivered on time.

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A very PVC Free material

Hans Aa PVC free material used to protect a component

FreeTarp represents our latest advancement in more environmentally friendly tarps, being PVCFree, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Antimony Free, Lead & Heavy Metal Free.

By choosing FreeTarp, you get a cover solution with reduced environmental impact.

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